Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tyler Trevor Moss

Our sweet Tyler was born on Friday, March 28th.  He was 8 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long.  He has such a sweet personality and is a much easier baby than his sister :)  He was named after Trevor's brother (Tyson's twin) that passed away at birth.

My due date was March 28th and since Macy was a c-section due to her large size (9 lbs. 15 oz.), the doctor told me to get an ultrasound a couple weeks before my due date.  I had an ultrasound two weeks before the scheduled c-section, and it looked like he was going to be another monster baby so the doctor said I could either wait til he came on his own (probably a week late and I would have ended up in a c-section anyways), or schedule a c-section for his due date.  I just scheduled the c-section for the due date.  I wasn't dilated at all, so I'm sure he wouldn't have come on his own til he was like two weeks late and 10 pounds.

We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am to check in and get ready.  I walked into the operating room, crawled up on the operating table, got numbed, laid down, and the baby was out five minutes later.  So easy.  The hardest part was getting numbed.  I was hoping for a big baby because I didn't want the scheduled c-section to be all for nothing!  When I heard the doctors say 8 lbs. 14 oz. I was okay with the fact that I scheduled the c-section because he for sure would have been big if I had waited for him to come on his own.

He swallowed fluid and meconium during delivery and was in the nursery on oxygen the entire time we were at the hospital so they could make sure his lungs were clear.  I never worried about him, although looking back at things, I probably should have been worried.  I was on heavy meds, so I don't think I really understood how scary it was, but Trevor seemed pretty worried.  He was born at 7:49 am and I didn't get to see him til 4:00 pm.  I had to have enough feeling in my legs to get up and get in the wheel chair in order to go see him or I could have seen him earlier.  I was so excited to see him when I had waited the whole day.  When I first saw him, I just thought he was beautiful.  He looked like a perfect baby.  He nursed well, and was so sweet.

The nursery nurses tried to take him off oxygen three different times over the course of the five days we were in the hospital, and his oxygen levels would go down, so we were afraid we were going to have to bring him home on oxygen, but the night before we left, Trevor, his dad, and my dad gave him a blessing and we were able to take him off the oxygen and his levels stayed high!  Such a blessing.  So we got to bring him home without oxygen.

I think I felt almost fully recovered from the c-section about a week after delivery.  My doctor is the best at c-sections.  Trevor was such good help the two weeks he had paternity leave.  He took care of Macy and me and I just took care of the baby.

Tyler turned four weeks yesterday and is such a good baby.  It's interesting how different he is from how Macy was.  He sleeps alot, but doesn't get the good long stretches of sleep at night that Macy did.  I usually get a total of six hours of sleep each night when I add up the two hours here and there.  I'm hoping he starts to sleep longer stretches soon because the headaches and exhaustion have set in.  My mom and sister have come over a couple nights to stay the night and help out.  That definitely helped renew my energy and keep me going.

Macy loves her little brother and loves to hold him, hug him, and put her face to his face and say "Hi Baby" ever so sweetly.  We found her in his crib one morning trying to feed him a bottle.  We have to watch her like a hawk because she's always trying to squeeze him or hold him when we're not looking.

We can tell he's going to be much calmer than Macy and an all around sweet boy.  We love him so much and can't wait to see him grow into a little boy.  Pictures to come.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's about time...

I guess it's time for another post.  Macy is 9 months now, so I should be recovered enough to write about it, right?  Where to begin...where to begin...

Macy is really our pride and joy.  She is the center of our lives, and we love every minute of it.  She starting sleeping through the night at about 6 weeks, and that allowed me to get my sanity back!  Here is a synopsis of the first nine months of her life.
This pose is soooo Macy's personality
1 month (May) - Hard month.  I cried all the time, and felt like I was going to just pass out and die at any moment because of a lack of energy and sleep.  Nursing almost killed me.  Macy was really hard to rock to sleep, and wouldn't cry herself to sleep.  Daddy helped Mommy so she could get some sleep.  Lots of neighbors and friends brought dinner over, and little gifts for Macy.  That made Mommy feel better.  Grandma was a life saver.

2 months - A little better.  Macy started sleeping better.  I was able to get out and get some sunshine.  I always loved Macy, but it was hard liking her the first month.  I started liking her better in month two. :)  We went camping in the Uintahs with the Moss family when Macy was 2 1/2 months, and she was a champ!

3 months - Much better.  Macy was sleeping 9-10 hours at night, and nursing was finally a breeze.  I went back to work two days a week, and my mom helped watch Macy.
Macy visiting Aunt Heidi's 6th grade classroom wearing her UofU getup.
4 - 6 months - We love our little chunk!  She weighed in at 21.2 lbs. at her 6 month appointment!  We went on a vacation to Bear Lake, and Macy went swimming for the first time (not in the cold lake, in the condo's pool :))
I bought this outfit for her to wear next summer (12-18 months) and realized she probably wouldn't fit into it by then, so I put it on her (when she was 4 months) and it fit snug!

Cutest lobster in town...1st Halloween

Macy and Santa - she loved the beard! 1st Christmas
7-9 months - She's crawling all over the place (even up the stairs), and standing up against everything. She has the cutest dang smile and dimples around! She's getting skinny from all that crawling! She is the happiest lil' thing. She loves anything that's not a baby toy. She LOVES cords of any kind.

We are loving being parents. Life is just so much more meaningful. It is definitely an adjustment going from "every minute is my time to do with as I please" to dedicating every minute to my child.  It definitely has taught me to be more unselfish with my time.  Trevor is a natural daddy, and is so cute with Macy.  He has better intuition than I do with knowing what to do in certain circumstances when it comes to child rearing.  Time has flown by, and I wish it would slow down a bit, but before we know it, she'll be walking!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meet Little Miss Macy Moss

She has arrived!  In all her 9 lb. 15 oz. glory!  I decided I should probably write down a little bit of the story of how Macy arrived into this world.

Macy was due to arrive on April 25th, but showed no signs of wanting to come.  I was walking 2 miles a day and doing everything on the list of "how to induce yourself", and she still didn't want to come.  I scheduled an induction with the doctor for May 2nd, exactly 1 week after her due date.  It's a hospital and/or insurance rule that you can't be induced before 41 weeks here in Utah. 

We went into the hospital at 9 pm on May 1st to get things started.  They gave me citotec pills which made me start contracting.  In the morning they gave me pitocin.  I wasn't dilated enough to get my water broken until 3 pm, May 2nd.  Then they were able to give me the epidural.  It took until 8 am the following day for me to be dilated enough to push. I did that for 3 hours before the doctor could tell she wasn't going to fit.  I cried and cried when he told me I would have to get a c-section.  I've wanted to avoid a c-section because we may want to have several children, and I've heard it's only safe to have so many c-sections.  Anyway, they wheeled me into surgery, and before I knew it, she was out!  There was a sheet up so I couldn't see anything that was going on during the c-section, but I could feel lots of pressure and tugging, and then immediate relief when the baby was pulled out.  All the doctors were saying WHOA!  I had no idea what they were saying WHOA about, until one of them said "9 lbs. 15 oz."!  No wonder she wouldn't fit!  She was born at 12:07 pm on Thursday, May 3rd.

Macy will be one week old tomorrow, and she's our little sweetheart.  She likes to be a little fussy and fidgety during the night, and sleep all day.  We were in the hospital until Sunday, and I couldn't wait to get out of there.  It seems they have to come in every half hour to check your vitals or the baby's vitals, or wake you up just to see if you need anything.  They pumped me full of water from the iv's, and I weighed 3 lbs. more when I got home from the hospital than I did before I went into the hospital!  I lost 20 lbs. in the first 3 days of being home just due to the water weight.  I'm not a fan of all the water they have to pump into you.  Anyway, being at home has been much better.  We've been staying at my parents house for the past three days and they have made it possible for me to get some sleep and sympathy :)  Grandpa takes a shift at night, and grandma takes lots of shifts.  So I've been able to get a little bit of rest.  What I didn't anticipate was how hard it would be to sleep even when my mom is taking care of her.  I get anxiety thinking about when I need to feed her next, and it makes it hard to sleep.  But I'm doing okay, just emotional break downs here and there.  My mom has been waiting on me hand and foot and it's made things much easier.  Trevor is working this week, but he's taking off next week so he can help out when we're at our own house.

We're loving our sweet little girl, and know that there are lots of fun times ahead (and hopefully a little more sleep).  Thanks grandma for all your help this week!  We couldn't have done it without you!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

She's gonna be a big girl!

No pictures to post today...just an update that Baby Girl Moss is due on Wednesday THIS WEEK (April 25th) !!!  I had an ultrasound on the 12th, and they guessed her weight to already be 8 lbs. 7 oz.!!! And that was two weeks ago!  The doctor said she's not small, but that he's not supposed to induce first babies before the mother is a week overdue...that puts me at May 2nd.  If a baby grows at the rate of one ounce per day, that would put her right at 10 lbs. by May 2nd.  So let's all hope that she comes before then!  I'm definitely happy that she's a healthy strong baby, but there are complications during delivery if the baby is too large, so I want her to hurry and get here.  I guess the Moss/Bostrom genes together produce large children :)  I'm going to blame it on Trevor's muscles...not on all the candy and ice cream I've been eating.  We'll keep you posted!  Until then, please pray that my water will break :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Shower Mania!!!

My Grandma Lewis made this beautiful blanket/quilt for the baby out of material that I picked out! It's beautiful, and will be a lasting keepsake. I love it! Thanks Grandma!
My mom made this crib skirt out of the same material that my grandma made the quilt. Trevor and I already put it on the crib, and it's super cute. We're almost ready for her to get here. Just need to get the car seat!

The Moss Girls

Carrie, Heidi, and me (Carrie is due the day after me, but you'd never know because her belly looks like mine did about 4 months ago)

Belly bumping :)

Grace, Aunt Tracy, Mom, me, and Aunt Ronda

I had a family baby shower yesterday, and it was so much fun! Our little girl definitely got spoiled! We had the shower at my parent's new house in Herriman, and I really appreciate so many people coming from so far away to be there. My aunt even came from Las Vegas to be there! Here are some pictures from the fun day. My mom and Heidi put so much time into everything, and they did a fantastic job! We'll have to see who guesses closest to the weight and delivery date to see who wins the gift card! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Uno Moss family member!!!

One more family member is just six weeks away from joining our family! I decided it was time to start a blog, now that we have a little girl coming in six weeks or so. I wanted a place to put up some baby pictures when she's born. I guess I'll start the blog with putting up some pregnancy pics...not my favorite thing to display my belly, but I heard that I would regret it if I didn't take some pics, so here they are.

I've had a relatively easy pregnancy up until a few weeks ago. I never got morning sickness. But a few weeks ago, my pelvis started to feel as if it were breaking, and my doctor said that is normal as the pressure of the baby increases, and it won't go away until after the baby is born. I'm walking really slowly now, but at least I'm still walking!

Trevor painted the baby's room grey for me (that's my favorite color lately), and he set up the cute crib my parents got us for Christmas. She doesn't have a name yet. I think we're going to wait until we see her. We're pretty excited for her to get here! Trevor will get to take a week of paid leave from work, and I'm planning to take two full months off before going back part time. We're excited to get our family started.